Way to Shut A-Rod up…

It was less then three weeks ago that A-Rod walked across the pitcher’s mound and called Dallas Braden “a guy that has a handful of wins in his career”. Not the most Yankee-esque behavior out of a star that gets paid the sun, moon, and stars. Open mouth, insert foot Alex. Yesterday marked the 19th time in history that a perfect game has been thrown, and by non-other then that “rookie”.

The Final Countdown


andy.jpgSweaty palms: check, Malox: check, head to toe pinstripes: check…..I don’t think I am the only one who is a nervous wreck today. I know there’s alot of talk going around about Pettitte not being on full rest – but who’s the smarter manager? If, by chance, we don’t take the series today – the Phillies start Cole Hamels tomorrow. If Charlie Manuel had started Lee Sunday on short rest, he would be available for game 7, but since that isn’t the case, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Instead we start Pedro Martinez in Yankee Stadium amdist chants of “who’s your daddy”. It didn’t work in 2003, and it won’t work tonight.

And the Chihuahua yelped What?

OK, so that may be a bit harsh, but the theatrics that Shane Victorino displayed last night were a joke. If you are going to pitch such a fit, why act so shocked when you are taken out of the game? Apparently he’s fine to pitch game 6 so maybe he learned a lesson and will stop being such a cry baby. Hey Shane, in case you didn’t hear – there’s no crying in baseball. Suck it up.

Ut-er-Lee Disappointing

chase.jpgI know, I haven’t written a post in a LONG LONG time. I do have a decently reasonable explanation for it……I am now the sports writer for Saturday Night Magazine and write about Pac-10 sports out here in Los Angeles. It’s not the Yankees, but it’s a legit gig so I have to make it my first priority. Besides that – I have launched Hollywoodsportschick.com. Check it out and let me know what you think. The world series has brought me back to my number one passion so I pledge to never abandon my Yankee fans ever again. Forgive me? I hope so. Moving on to the game tonight……

How many times are we going to pitch to Utley and Werth? If I have to see that smug look on Chase’s face one more time I am going jump through the TV and rip that helmet of hair spray off his head. Is there HGH in that hair gel or what? Even though Werth didn’t go yard tonight, every
 time he smacked that ball, I was shaking in my boots.

In true Yankee fashion, we fought back but it wasn’t enough. Girardi’s never ending confidence in Phil Coke proved -yet again- to fail us. The guy sucks Joe, hopefully you have had that revelation now like the rest of us did 6 months prior. So many what if’s. What if Tex had finally gotten a hit instead of recording the final out? What if we hadn’t started Burnett on short rest? No point revisiting the painful night that was tonight, so let’s look to the future….

Pedro’s likely to start against Pettitte for game 6- a match that we have seen countless times in the past with Boston. It will be nice for the bombers to win at home – as well as for the NY millionaires who can afford to buy their way into the stadium on Wednesday. As for me, and they majority of true fans – we will, no doubt be creating hooting calls of Hip Hip Jorge in whatever town pub we find ourselves…… 

A little consistency please?

Well, so far this season the Yankees pitching has had about the amount of bi-polarity as my ex-boyfriend – and he’s my ex for a reason. Which is probably what Wang will be by the end of next week. He wants to pitch but it looks as if they’ll pull him from his projected start Friday thanks to the off day Thursday. In the meantime, Girardi will try to analyze what went wrong and fix it before his next start. My guess is they give Wang one more shot and if the problem’s not fixed they’ll put him on the DL – where he can work on his velocity. As far as I can see, he’s not throwing pitches out of the strike zone, it’s just that he’s throwing 5 – 10 miles slower then last year. Obviously not a small problem since he hasn’t been able to get out of 4 innings yet this year and has given up atleast 7 runs in each of those 3 starts.

I think everyone was happy to take a split series with the Indians after the rocky start…..but do you want the bad news? Even so, we scored less then half the runs Cleveland did. Ouch. Thank god for Jorge or it could have ended up a very ugly series.

Better luck against the A’s……..

Hip Hip Jorge!

Just as my friends and I started to take bets on who would hit the first home run in the new Yankee Stadium – Jorge hit one out and who more fitting to do so. The only player as equally deserving to take that historic title would be the team captain. Strangely, the last home run in “The House that Ruth Built” was hit by Jorge’s replacement – Jose Molina. The world works in mysterious ways……or maybe it’s just that the ghost of Yankee Stadium has already made his way across the street.

I have to be honest, I was skeptical about even the thought of a new stadium – but from 3000 miles away, and through a blinking box, I can feel the magic and energy. From Bernie Williams singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, to Yogi scooping dirt off the pitchers mound – all the mystic was there for the opening ceremony. The stadium itself has taken the best of the classic feel – such as the manual scoreboard, and mixed it with the new – i.e. the ginormous HD screen which is 6 times larger then the old one.

As I write this, the score isn’t working at all in our favour, as Grady Sizemore just hit another first — a grand slam. But scores aren’t really the main factor of the game this afternoon. I have to admit though,  it is amusing to hear the chants of “We want Swisher” as Marte gets lit up. No doubt, we would be faring better if that was the case but regardless, win or lose – this game is full of history and will go down in baseball eternity.

Nick Swisher — man or machine?

I think I have fallen in love. Yea, I know, spare the melodrama but what’s not to love? The guy has a .458 average and 4 home runs. Not to mention he has the best ERA of any of our pitchers besides Mo. I know that’s more a joke then anything else, but it is amusing you have to admit…..

I’m beginning to think not having A-Rod around is working for us. Cano’s hitting the bat well, and Melky’s beginning to make me think it’s a good idea we didn’t trade him. Jeter’s off to a fantastic start with two homers so far — the one tonight a 3 run homer that blew the game wide open. It may be alittle out of character for him, but it’s a trend I wouldn’t mind seeing continue. 

As far as pitching’s concerned Burnett is proving to be well worth his money. Thoughts of a no-hitter were crossing everyones mind tonight until the 7th when the Ray’s Carl Crawford knocked a single into left field. Still, Burnett picked up his second win in as many starts. C.C., looked more then shaky his first start, but came around his second – and picked up a win. Pettitte and Joba both look in tune, although the bullpen prevented Joba from picking up a win thus far. Andy starts tomorrow and looks to get his second.

All and all, the boys are shaping up nicely and by the time Arod swoops in for the slumping Cody Ransom – we will be a force to be reconed with.